Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Falko P. Netzer am 7. Juni 17.00 Uhr "Oxide Materials at the 2 - D Limit"

05 Jun 2013 by in VorträgeNeu

Low - dimensional materials display novel emergent properties at the forefront of solid state physics and chemistry and thus are of both fundamental scientific and applied technological interest. Here I will discuss oxide materials at the 2 - D limit, that is transition metal oxides in "quasi - monolayer" phas es, supported on a different metal surface. The electronic and elastic coupling of the oxide nanophase to the underlying metal support creates a hybrid system with novel physical and chemical properties that are not shared by the individual constituents. I will inves tigate two topics in this talk: i) 2 - D oxide systems of binary oxides such as Mn - oxide and Co - oxide; and ii) a 2 - D ternary oxide phase, which we have prepared by a solid state chemical reaction in two dimensions. In the first part of the talk, I will concentrate on new structure concepts and their relation to the electronic and magnetic behavior of 2 - D systems. In the case of the ternary oxide (Cu - W - O), I will introduce a new approach to fabricate well - ordered oxide systems in low dimensions.

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