IAP-SEMINAR (Dienstag, 27.11.2012): Dr. Stefan Facsko Ion-induced patterns on crystalline Ge(100) and Ge(111)

11 Oct 2012 by in VorträgeNeu

Low energy ion irradiations of surfaces can induce the formation of patterns with periodicities in the range of tens tohundreds of nanometers. At off-normal angle of incidence between 50° and 70° to the surface normal ripple patternsoriented perpendicular to the ion beam direction are observed. At normal incidence or for incidence angles smallerthan 50° smoothing dominates on elemental materials, like Si and Ge. However, in contrast to irradiations at roomtemperature we found pattern formation on Ge surafces even at normal ion incidence for irradiations at temperaturesabove 530 K. Depending on the surface orientation checkerboard or isotropic hole patterns with the symmetry of thepatterns reflecting the crystal structure of the irradiated surface are observed (Fig. 1).



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