Final Call: 5th ISUenergy International Summer University on Renewables , Aug. 25 - Sept. 6th, 2013, Falera/CH.

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This is the final call for the 5th International Summer University on Renewables ISUenergy 2013.

The ISUenergy 2013 on Renewable Energies will take place from Aug. 25th - Sept. 6th in Falera/Switzerland.
The annual ISUenergy is an interdisciplinary summer university, encompassing areas such as photovoltaics, solar architecture, solar thermal and wind energy.

Please find more information on the ISUenergy website under the following link:
Please do submit your application online until July 3rd at the latest.

Thank you also for forwarding this information to any parties interested in the ISUenergy 2013.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information: .


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