Vortrag: "Microscopy at the Bottom - Towards Aberration Corrected Low Voltage Electron Microscopy", 15. April 2010, 15:15 Uhr

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Im Rahmen des Seminars "Micro- and Nanomaterials" hält Ute Kaiser von der Universität Ulm einen Vortrag zum Thema "Microscopy at the Bottom - Towards Aberration Corrected Low Voltage Electron Microscopy". Dieser Vortrag findet am Donnerstag dem 15. April 2010 um 15:15 Uhr im Josef-Stefan Hörsaal an der Uni Wien, 3. Stock Boltzmanngasse 5, 1090 Wien statt.

The remarkable improvement of transmission electron microscopes with significant advances in both resolution and spectroscopy has been made possible through the development of electron optical components for the correction of the intrinsic aberrations present in conventional electromagnetic round lenses. At medium accelerating voltages between 80 and 300 kV it is now possible to determine where the atoms are and obtain atomic resolution structural data together with electronic structure data with single atom and sub-eV sensitivity from a wide range of materials. However, not all specimens can tolerate a high electron dose and the final resolution in the image is then determined predominantly by the noise related resolution. We will show examples on carbon materials and study the effects of radiation damage under the 80 kV electron beam. The promise of SALVE - sub-Angstrom low voltage electron microscopy will be discussed and first examples of microscopy at 20 kV will be given. In the talk we will start with a short survey on the development of electron microscopy from past, present and future.


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