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Einladung zum Seminarvortrag am 28.1.

12 Jan 2009 by Main.RupertHampl in Studium

Piers Coleman vom Center for Materials Theory, Rutgers University, über:

"Qu-transitions: probing the critical zero point fluctuations of matter with heavy electron materials"

Kurzfassung: This seminar will describe the playground for new insights into the nature of "qu-transitions"- quantum phase transitions provided by heavy fermion physics. Last century, physicists were profoundly shaken by the discovery of universal power-law correlations at thermal second-order phase transitions. Today, our understanding of phase transitions enters the quantum era with the discovery of quantum phase transitions: phase transitions at absolute zero driven by the violent jigglings of quantum zero-point motion squeezed out to macroscopic dimensions. These transtions occur in a wide range of materials, including ferromagnets, helium-3, ferro-electrics, heavy electron and high temperature superconductors, and they profoundly alter the properties of a material. While a distant cousin of classical criticality, quantum criticality is closer in spirit to the Casimir effect of the electromagnetic vacuum, the extra fermionic dimension of metals converts this into a major unsolved physics problem. I'll talk about, and add my perspective on the some of the key questions, illustrating them with experimental data. In particular: Does the electon break up at quantum critical point ? Can quantum critical points become qu-phases? and of course - Is quantum criticality the breading ground for high temperature superconductivity?

offizielle Einladung

Zeit: Mittwoch, 28. Jänner 2009, 16:30 Uhr
Ort: Seminarraum 138B, 7. OG, Turn C (rot)

Leider war's zu spät für den Newsletter, daher bekommt der Vortrag einen eigenen Newseintrag. Im Kalender findet ihr einen Überblick über aktuelle Seminare, Vorträge, Festln und Termine betreffend die Studierendenvertretung.


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